Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Painted with my cousin a few weeks ago in Stockholm.

Photo by: @Strangefruit

Portrait by Caroline Jensen

Sälen x Urban Artroom 2014

In April I got invited by Urban Artroom to paint at a ski resort in Sweden with Bates, Inkie and Flesh. We spent more than a week painting in the slopes and walls of snow. The concept is new and I hope to paint again next year. 
It was also my first time on a snowboard :)

Art scape 2014

I got invited to paint at Art scape festival in Malmö. I was there for two weeks. I've met loads of talented and amazing people. Painted 8 pieces in total. Some collabos and some not. Painted with great artists as Shalak, Fiya, Smoky, Ligisd, Le, Diare, and Stink Fish. The last two days we painted a 3 story building. Me, Shalak, Fiya and Smoky.

Photo: Caroline Jensen

Amara Por Dios at Urban Artroom 2014. Solo exhibition "Andra Sidan"