Friday, January 7, 2011

My vintage vandals

Fick hem mina vandals för ett tag sen. Älskar färgen!!!

I've got a lot of international readers. So now i'm also gonna write in english. Even if it sucks.
I got my vandals a couple of days ago. Love the colorway!

Nike Vintage Vandal High Supreme – Electric Green / Grey


burro said...

weee, vill ha mina skor nu åxå!!! :[

matilda b said...

fyfan vad snygga!!! dör.

Anonymous said...

yesssss! now i can understand what you're talking about instead of just looking at the pictures:)

Le bordel de Jen ! said...

Hey girl, i love your style ! ^^

Lamont said...

again dope! but don't dis English you are wearing Nike and Jordan after all ;)