Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flying Lotus design by Amara Por Dios now available @Bleep

Jag designade detta tryck till Flying Lotus som såldes på turnén i Japan.
Nu släpps min design online så alla har chansen att köpa en. Men det är en limiterad upplaga så köp innan de tar slut! T-shirten finns att köpa på

I made this design to Flying Lotus that was sold on the tour in Japan.
Now my design is available online so everyone has the chance to buy one. But it's limited edition, buy before it sells out! The t-shirt can be purchased at


Came said...

Just ordered it.

Amara Por Dios said...

thanks :)
i hope you like it :D

Marcaboo said...

It's out of stock on Bleep :(

Amara Por Dios said...

yes, you can get one here

Anonymous said...

Are the ones on Bleep printed on American Apparel? I want to know so that I can choose a size bigger than usual as they make clothes a bit slim. Great design!

Amara Por Dios said...

Hey!! I don't know. Bleep are responsible for everything. I only made the design. I think you can ask them
Thank you :D